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ASPEN Basics Training: Quizzes

After you have attended an ASPEN Basics Training class and have completed the assigned homework, you can take the quiz for the class you have attended.

Important: You must select the option to Submit. After submitting, you can choose the Review option to see how you did. The tech support staff from Charter Software will review your quiz results and make recommendations about additional practice/homework to improve your understanding of the various functions in ASPEN.

Here are the links to the ASPEN Basics Quizzes:

ASPEN Overview (required before taking any other quiz)

ASPEN Selection Screens

ASPEN Accounts Receivable

ASPEN  Accounts Payable/General Ledger

ASPEN Accounting Month End

ASPEN Parts 1

ASPEN Parts 2

ASPEN Service

ASPEN Units Management

ASPEN Units Sales