ASPEN Query Tool Custom Reporting

Powerful custom reporting.

Affordable add-on extracts customer, part, unit, vendor and accounting information from ASPEN’s database.

The ASPEN Query Tool is a great addition to your system if you are looking for the ability to pull data for your own custom reporting needs and much more. ASPEN is the only business management system that allows users to extract their own data. Users can access a library of pre-designed queries to view select data from your ASPEN SQL Server database. Users familiar with SQL can modify the query libraries or create new unique ones. Using custom queries can provide data you need to make better business decisions.

Just like in ASPEN’s Selection Screens, the data resulting from the query appears in an on-screen grid that can be filtered, sorted, rearranged, and exported to other applications such as Microsoft Excel or shared with others.

Use the ASPEN Query Tool to:

  • Access to the schema and data definitions of the ASPEN database.
  • Access Charter’s regularly updated, built-in query library. Users or administrators familiar with SQL can modify existing queries create new custom queries.
  • Put custom reporting at your fingertips – extract customer, part, unit, vendor and accounting information from ASPEN’s database.
  • Schedule exports for third-party uses such as auto-dialer software.
  • Schedule any report to run unattended, such as customer statements, cash requirements or even attachments of photos to upload to your website.
  • Export data to use in mail-merge documents for marketing and other uses.
  • Create email templates and send targeted mass emails via Microsoft Outlook*.

The ASPEN Query Tool is required if you wish to access or export data from ASPEN Cloud. If you need help, Charter Software can be contracted to create custom queries.