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Charter Software Inc. partners with servicing dealers & distributors to promote mutual success through use of our technology-based management tools. ASPEN is an affordable, Microsoft-based Business Management System used by hundreds of equipment dealers across North America to better run their business and positively impact their bottom line.

Business Management Your Way


“I have a difficult time managing my sales margin. It never ends up being what I thought.”

Usually the margin you think you are making isn't your true margin at the end of the day. ASPEN Business Management software includes quoting tools like margin worksheets that help you account for post sale expenses, set-up and delivery charges and anything else that erodes your sales margin.


Parts & Service

“I'm constantly being interrupted. I rarely get to finish one thing at a time.”

ASPEN's Windows-based Dealership Management System lets you have many projects open at one time so you can easily switch between tasks without losing track of where you are. The built-in communications tools also allow you to send or attach a note to a coworker without interrupting your work.



“I need accurate information in real time and control over who has access.”

Unlike other Business Management Systems, ASPEN updates in real time so you know exactly what is happening in your business moment to moment. Permissions allow you to control what each user has access to.


Rental & Fleet

“It's hard to know how productive my fleet is and the current status of each unit.”

ASPEN's financial utilization reporting helps you determine whether you have too many or too few units, which ones are producing and which are spending too much time in the shop. ASPEN lets you track each unit individually, so you know where they are and the expense or income they produce.


Information & Technology

“I need to find a Dealership Management System that is easy to support and lets us use our data however we'd like.”

ASPEN is the only Dealership Management System that gives you full ownership of your data, providing several tools to access, export, and manipulate it the way that best suits your needs. And since ASPEN is a Windows-based platform, it's easy for people to learn and operate.


Business Manager

“It's time to bring the business up to current technology, so I can easily get the information I need in real-time to better manage and grow.”

ASPEN Dealership Management System updates in real-time, so you have full visibility into every department. You'll not only get the information you need, but also the ability to glean insights.


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