Sales and Marketing Problems Solved

Easy access to Sales and Customer data improves everyone’s performance.

Problem: It’s hard to monitor your Sales Team’s performance in real time.

If someone asks how your business is doing, you certainly can answer if business is up or down compared to last year. But do you know which salespeople are producing the most business or have the highest average sale? ASPEN provides easy access to sales metrics and customer purchase history and other relevant data   needed to boost your sales team’s performance. This information at your fingertips can be very powerful, especially during your slower periods.

ASPEN is the only Business Management System built with tools to manage your pipelineQuoting & Pipeline tools create automated workflows; series of tasks that need to be passed through the business to progress a customer from a lead, through the quoting process and finally to a sold customer. It also creates professional looking quote and sales contract templates.

Problem: My margin on a sale was lower than expected.

How many times has this happened to you – you spend hours working on a sale, building the relationship with the customer, understanding what they need and creating a quote you think provides a healthy margin only to find out later that after including rebates and incentives your margin was below your target. ASPEN Quoting & Pipeline tools include worksheets to let you build quotes by starting with the desired profit margin.  No more last minute surprises.

Problem: It’s difficult to track customer performance.

The ASPEN dealership management system features powerful contact management and CRM tools that allow you to segment your customers to market to them by type, warranty expiration, last service date, type of equipment owned, etc. You can also create your own scenarios to classify your customers by their sales history and sales by department. Learn more about how using a CRM can benefit your business and improve your processes.

Problem: It’s difficult to turn one-time customers into repeat buyers.

Charter TargetCRM is an automated sales and marketing platform that will help you turn your one-time customers into repeat buyers, all year round. TargetCRM integrates with ASPEN, enabling you to identify and target happy customers, improve your online presence, and engage in real-time two-way text and email with customers – directly from your DMS.

Learn more about TargetCRM.