ASPEN Tip of the Week #143

Over-allowance allows the dealer to book a trade into inventory at a lower value than what they are allowing.  Example:  To make the customer feel good, they run the invoice showing $5000 for a trade allowance on a $12,000 sale.  If the trade is really only worth $4000, they would include a $1000 over-allowance.  Over-allowance… Read more »

ASPEN Tip of the Week #142

How to handle Prepaid parts – This happens when a vendor requires a dealer to prepay all or part of an order: Create two offsetting vouchers for the amount due – both pointing to GENERAL CLEARING.  One is a credit voucher and one is a regular voucher.  Pay the regular voucher via a check run. … Read more »

January On The Horizon

This month’s On The Horizon features a helpful ASPEN shortcut. January On The Horizon  

ASPEN Tip of the Week #141

Check out the new Lookup Units screen that was added in the last release.  You can now view a unit record in its own tab instead of an extra window. For more helpful information, please visit the ASPEN Wiki.

Announcing the release of ASPEN version 8.5 to installed customers!

Welcome to the ASPEN 8.5 Release Charter Software is happy to announce the release of ASPEN (Version 8.5).  This version is now available to be installed by the IT professional at your dealership. Please be sure to close and re-launch ASPEN to get the new release. The following are highlights from this release: New Redesigned… Read more »

Constellation Software Inc. Acquires Charter Software Inc.

Littleton, CO, January 3, 2020– Charter Software Inc., the maker of the ASPEN Dealer Management System, announced today it has been acquired by Constellation Software (TXS: CSU), based in Toronto, Canada. The new company will be called Charter Software Solutions Inc. and will operate under the Perseus division of Constellation. Charter Software’s offices will remain… Read more »

ASPEN Tip of the Week #140

Did you know that you can designate multiple default Payment Vendors for your Purchase Vendors?  Go to Vendor Maintenance and check it out! For more helpful information, please visit the ASPEN Wiki.

Charter Holiday Schedule

Charter Software will be closed on Wednesday, December 25th and Wednesday, January 1st.  If you have any issues during that time please call and leave a voice mail on our regular customer support line.  We wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season!

ASPEN Tip of the Week #139

Did you know you can now create a vendor from a voucher?  If you have a new vendor, simply click the search glasses on the Purchase or Payment Vendor on the voucher and select “New Entry”. For more helpful information, please visit the ASPEN Wiki.