ASPEN’s Quoting and Pipeline Tools

ASPEN is the only Business Management System built with tools to manage your pipeline.

Use ASPEN’s Quoting and Pipeline tools to develop sales opportunities.  Create and automate workflows; series of tasks that need to be passed through the business to progress a customer from a lead, through the quoting process and finally to a sold customer. Using these tools will show you all the potential sales in the pipeline and keep a pulse on sales.

  • Work up sales quotes by entering your desired profit margin using ASPEN’s built-in margin worksheet. Add estimated costs, rebates and options and project selling price or trade-in allowance based upon desired margins.
  • Quoted units can be imported into a purchase order to generate an expected unit if no matching unit is found in ASPEN’s inventory when the quote is committed. When a quote is converted to an invoice, a work order is automatically created, notifying the proper user or team.
  • Quote units from ASPEN’s quoting templates or import data from an existing unit record or from a manufacturer’s configurator to ASPEN.
  • One-click revision allows for cloning existing quotes and automatically tracking revisions to quotes in the system.
  • Present customers with professional looking quotes and sales contracts using ASPEN’s pre-loaded templates.
  • Create quotes for custom assemblies and/or light manufacturing.
  • Improve sales management; track sales confidence level, revisions, and sales won and lost reasons.
  • Sales dashboard widgets provide managers with drill-down access to the sales pipeline with views by salesperson, sales projections by week, top deals, and recently won/ lost deals.