Workflow & Advanced Communication Tools

Improve workflow and communications internally and externally.

Workflow & Tasks

With ASPEN’s automated workflow capability, create a work order and alert the service department to actions needed. For example, when a unit quote is converted to a sale. Workflow will also automatically generate a warranty claim request task and an AP voucher when a warranty payment is applied.

Workflows can also include a series of tasks assigned to an individual or team. As users complete their tasks, they can add a follow-up task for themselves, another user or team. Workflow tasks may be added from virtually any ASPEN screen.

Internal Communications

ASPEN’s workflow tasks and communications replace emails, notepads and sticky notes so nothing falls through the cracks. From any ASPEN screen (like a record, report, invoice, etc.), one click creates an instant message or task that provides the recipient a link to access the information they’ll need. ASPEN’s built-in workflow creates more consistent processes for repetitive transactions, saving time and eliminating the duplication of effort.


Use ASPEN’s onscreen messaging and workflow to delegate and monitor tasks you assign to a team member or individual. Messaging is a quick and easy way to communicate with others in the dealership when immediate action is required – like approving a work order or increasing a customer’s credit limit. Including a link or attachment to the message or task allows the recipient to access the ASPEN record requiring action. Messaging and tasks can also be used as a vehicle to deliver any ASPEN report or document that another user may not otherwise have permissions or access to.


External Communications

The integrated ASPEN CRM supports mass emailing, including integration with MailChimp©, and allows you to create lists for direct mail. Email and direct mail are powerful tools to help increase sales and service opportunities. From within ASPEN you can create customized email campaigns to your desired customer base, or export the results to Avery Online to print labels, greeting cards, and other mail merge documents. All communications are logged and stored in the customer records.

ASPEN also has manufacturer and supplier interfaces that support communication between you and the brands you carry.