Credit Card Processing

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Charter Software Inc. partners with ChargeItPro Integrated Payment Processing, a leading payment processing provider, to ensure a seamless, secure credit card processing solution for their U.S. ASPEN customers. Using the ChargeItPro Interface, dealers and distributors can process credit card transactions through the ASPEN point of sale screen.
ChargeItPro is built to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and provides the most secure and compliant credit card processing software available.

Benefits of Integrated Credit Card processing

  • Credit Card Vaulting:  Safely store credit card information for increased security for you and your customers.
  • ASPEN Customer Portal payments: Increase the likelihood of early payments by accepting credit cards from the Customer Portal.
  • Mobile Options: Process credit cards when and where you need to with the A.I.M. mobile solution.
  • EMV and NFC: ChargeItPro will keep you up to date with emerging technologies, including EMV, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

ChargeItPro is so much more efficient than any other credit card company we’ve tried. — Steve Haldeman, Harris Golf Carts