Manufacturer Price Files

Why Get Manufacturer Price File updates for your Business Management System?

Here are 10 reasons you should get manufacturer price files through your BMS:

  • Keep return codes current to minimize inventory values. 
  • Gain instant access to price catalogs of your manufacturers or distributors. 
  • Preserve your margins and bottom line by using up to date pricing. 
  • Easily find any manufacturer part number. 
  • Part numbers not previously stocked can be added with one mouse click. 
  • Save time and reduce errors by not having to look up the part number or key in description and pricing. 
  • Base your pricing on the manufacturer’s – creates less confusion for customers. 
  • Increase your parts department efficiency – no more looking up parts online or in catalogs. 
  • Access supersession files when available from the manufacturer. 
  • In-stock Parts pricing automatically updated to current pricing.

Don’t let outdated pricing erode your margins.

Preserve your margins, speed up data entry, reduce errors.

We provide price files for over 600 manufacturers’ parts. Our Price File Client tool greatly simplifies the price update process by allowing you to download and import a price file update into our software with just a few mouse clicks. Plus, you can see all of the available price files in case you need to subscribe to any additional ones. If we don’t have a manufacturer you carry, simply call the manufacturer and request a price disk. We can convert any price disk to ASPEN formatted data.

Price updates are available only to authorized dealers of the manufacturers and distributors.

If you are interested in receiving price updates, please fill out our brief Price File Request Form.