Integrated Payroll

ASPEN Integrated Payroll 

ASPEN has the capability to handle your payroll, one of the most important administrative functions in a dealership. We have a long-standing partnership of more than 20 years with PenSoft, a trusted expert in payroll software. PenSoft Payroll Professional* is an optional ASPEN module for US dealers to integrate their payroll processes with ASPEN. PenSoft generates the most comprehensive reports of any payroll software on the market for small to mid-size businesses, and also provides additional modules for other human resource functions.

ASPEN’s time clock hours can be exported to PenSoft Payroll Professional or into a generic export format using the Generic Hours Export function to create payroll records for your hourly employees. Payroll records can be imported from PenSoft or from a generic format via ASPEN’s Generic GL Import Wizard with just a few mouse clicks. Learn more about the ASPEN Pensoft Payroll interface.

This product is for US dealers only. As an option for Canadian dealerships or dealers who choose to use their own payroll system, ASPEN provides a Generic Hours Export function that allows you to export your employees labor records into a format importable into your payroll program.


*An annual subscription fee applies.