Rental & Fleet Management

Manage rental unit availability, depreciation and utilization.

The ASPEN Rental Component is integrated with other system components to manage your rental units effectively and efficiently. Financial utilization reporting allows dealers to better analyze their investment and determine when it is time to expand or transfer units out of the fleet.
  • Customizable Rental Calendar. Based upon your system setup, your rental calendar works around your business hours to calculate return date and time.
  • Flexible rental rates. Set up unlimited standard and preferential price matrices for your rental items. Price matrices set rental rate by the meter, hour, day, week, 28-day period, or calendar month. Set overage charges can be configured to be applied when maximum usage allowance is exceeded at any duration.
  •  Financial and Utilization Reporting. Track volume by equipment type such as construction, landscaping, golf course, etc. Track utilization by unit and/or group. Easily exclude re-rents and other rental types from reporting.
  • Depreciation to suit your needs. Opt to schedule automatic depreciation per unit, or allow the system to book depreciation as a percentage of rental income. Book depreciation manually when needed. Automatically calculate rental depreciation down to designated salvage value.
  • Readily quote rental rates without impacting unit availability.
  • Meet customer demands in a pinch. Additional capacity from the system allows you to easily rent non-fleet units without moving them to the rental fleet. Use rental reservations to manage your fleet. Use the system to take units out of availability when down for repair or for regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Multiple unit rentals. Rent multiple units with differing durations on one contract for large-scale customers.
  • Easily bill long-term and recurring rentals. Schedule recurring rentals at desired intervals.Minimize data entry by duplicating reservations for repeat business. Flexible payment and deposit options. Accept either prepayment or pay on return contracts. Rental deposits are tracked to the contract.
  • Quick and easy adjustments. Units can be easily exchanged without having to create a new contract. Credits can be easily applied without impacting rental dates.
  • Manage Rental Use Tax. Supports the use tax incurred when equipment is moved between locations within the duration of the contract. Track Use Tax registration number and expiration date by unit for states that require it.
  • Find information fast. Various rental reports and rental availability calendar provide critical information to fulfill customer needs.
  • Maintain historical meter readings. Unit record automatically updates upon return.
  • Up-sell parts and simplify invoicing. Parts and miscellaneous charges can be associated to rental groups to ensure that insurance waivers or miscellaneous fees are included.