Floor Plan & Accounts Payable

ASPEN’s Floor Plan & Accounts Payable manage cash outlays.

Managing cash flow is a challenge for most businesses. ASPEN Business Management System includes all the tools and reporting you need so you don’t get into cash flow problems.

Control cash requirements with drillable reporting.

Keep your Inventory Subsidiary Ledgers in balance with the General Ledger by linking inventory receipts to vouchers. Give your AP department visibility of Inventory Receipts by drilling back to the source transaction for parts and unit receipts.

Save time by allowing the system to auto-create vouchers for Inventory Receipts.

Speed up data entry by importing vouchers from Excel and duplicating recurring payables with one click. Cut down on data entry errors by utilizing distribution templates. Supports departmental and location-based entries.

Easily track different kinds of payables by using multiple payable control accounts.

See floor plan balances separately from account payable balances.

Manage Cash Requirements through reporting.

Create curtailment payment schedules on floor plan vouchers so you always know how much to pay, and run Sold and Unpaid unit reports to ensure you’re never out of trust on your floor plan accounts.