ASPEN’s Innovative Design:  Always at the Forefront of Technology

Our commitment to innovation and reliance on best technology practices is what enables us to design and deliver a powerful, manageable and flexible business system. We are able to quickly adapt to industry trends in order to provide dealers with the latest tools that aid in productivity, such as mobile applications, customer portal, and integrated CRM—extending ASPEN’s functionality beyond that of a typical business system.

Many other business management system providers lock you into purchasing servers and other related hardware from them. This generally results in an ongoing cost for support/maintenance for your hardware and operating system, and in some cases, for already obsolete hardware and operating systems. Because ASPEN is Windows-based, you can purchase your hardware and operating system through your choice of suppliers, giving you more control over the cost and implementation of your network.


Minimum requirements for ASPEN are Windows Server®2008, Standard x64 with Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 Standard (with core licensing). Server requirements vary depending on the number of locations and number of users anticipated on the system. Windows 10 Professional is recommended for workstations; however, if you plan to run other third party software on your workstations, please ensure that you consult their hardware requirements as well.

Working Together to Achieve the Best Performance 

Charter Software’s technical experts will work with your IT department or professional to find the most cost-effective configuration while maximizing the performance of ASPEN. The Core Install for ASPEN, whether on the server or workstation, installs the needed.NET framework, and any report viewers. To ensure desired performance and to receive the best support for ASPEN, it is strongly recommended that no other software be installed on the ASPEN servers and the ASPEN server is not providing services unrelated to ASPEN (i.e. Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, email or other website services).

For specific workstation and server hardware configurations and recommendations, please contact us.

“You know the software is easy to use when you hire interns or seasonal people, and they require little to no training.” 

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