Transition & Implementation

What to expect when you switch to ASPEN Business Management System.

Whether you are transitioning from one software package to ASPEN, or implementing a Business Management System for the first time, we know the process can be challenging. Charter Software has an entire team dedicated to making the process as painless as possible. The Training and Implementation team has over 65 years of experience in helping customers not only get ASPEN up and running, but making sure every user has the training they need to be successful. Charter Software will convert any data that can be exported from your current business system to a spreadsheet including parts, parts sales history, customer names and addresses, units both in stock and customers*.

The Training and Implementation team works closely with your internal Project Manager, providing them with the resources and training they need to shepherd your organization through the process. Resources include our ASPEN Implementation Book, a practice database using sample data from your business, and the ASPEN Online Training modules available to all employees using ASPEN. Our customers tell us employee training is critical to their success, and we highly encourage every user to invest the time in learning ASPEN.

Every business is different, so an important part of implementation is the Process Review. ASPEN trainers work with customers to document your current business processes, and demonstrate how they work within ASPEN.

Change of this scale needs to be supported by business leadership, so included in every transition and implementation process is an important Change Management Call between our CEO/President and the Dealer Principal, designed to prepare the Dealer Principal for the leadership role required in the transition.

By the go-live date, everything is in place and employees feel confident and excited about using ASPEN!

*Data conversion charges will vary depending on the complexity and number of locations.

  Example Transition/Implementation Timeline