Attend the ASPEN User Conference

Who should attend the ASPEN User Conference? 

The ASPEN User Conference is designed for Department Managers, CFOs, Controllers, General Managers and Dealer Principals looking for advanced management training and information about how to use ASPEN data to drive better business decisions. It’s a great opportunity to connect management objectives with ASPEN functionality, hear from industry experts and meet your peers.

The content is very metrics-driven, helping you identify key performance indicators, how to find them using ASPEN and what you can do to move in the right direction. At the ASPEN User Conference, you’ll gain industry insights, learn management strategies and tools to grow your business.

Why you should attend

Who should attend:
CFOs, Controllers and Accounting Managers

Why attend:
Financial Managers work with the Business Management System data from end to end. They start during the software implementation and use the system’s output as reports on the other end. It’s up to the Financial Managers to help management understand business problems by pinpointing the source and determine whether it’s a management, process or configuration issue.

This track covers how all the data from each department feeds through ASPEN, how to understand enterprise-wide metrics and measure them.
Who should attend:
Dealer Principals, General Managers, Parts ManagerWho should attend: Dealer Principals, General Managers, Parts Managers

Why attend:
The Parts Department is an integral part of the business. It drives aftermarket sales and service revenue and has to balance being able to respond quickly to customers and the shop while efficiently managing inventory. It’s all about the having the right parts at the right time at the right price.

Online sales are the biggest threat to the Parts Department, which is why attending this session is so important. Learn strategies for battling online parts sales, find customers no longer buying and re-engage them to drive revenue. Additionally, learn how to use metrics to improve your parts performance.
Who should attend: Dealer Principals, General Managers, Sales Managers, Unit Managers, Rental Managers

Why attend: Sales drives the bottom line, but OEMs continue to emphasize the importance of market share. Dealerships must balance increasing sales while maintaining profit margins.

It's not enough to manage sales, successful dealerships also need to optimize unit inventory to achieve market leadership. And when it comes to Rental, the biggest challenge is balancing capacity and utilization. Learn about departmental metrics as well as individual salesperson metrics and how they can drive increased sales and margins.
Who should attend: Dealer Principals, General Managers, Service Managers

Why attend: The Service department has the highest potential profit margin and in most cases, has opportunities for incremental sales and improved efficiencies. Profitable Service Departments understand how to fill their finite inventory of hours, maximize technicians' efficiency and velocity of work through the shop and find new service opportunities.

The shop is even more important to the dealership now with the threat of online parts sales – the dealerships need to maximize the value-added benefit of having a high performing Service Department. Learn how to improve your service metrics, create service revenue opportunities and better manage the peaks and valleys of on and offseason.


Stay tuned for the 2020 dates, schedule, course descriptions and venue!