ASPEN’s GL “Snapshot” Provides Financial Picture Customized for Specific Reporting

Beef up your 3rd party reporting!

Many dealers have to provide financial information to manufacturers, vendors and/or lenders. The ASPEN GL Snapshot function allows you to control the detail included in your report. As the name implies, a snapshot is a financial “picture” of a specific time period in the database. GL Snapshots capture general ledger balances and accounts in formats required by your OEM or lender.

Map your chart of accounts to a 3rd party chart of accounts using GL Map Maintenance, using the stored data to report to an outside party. The snapshot is refreshed by capturing the current balances using the Refresh Snapshot link or can be archived for historical purposes and benchmarking.

Using our manufacturer communications interfaces, with just a few mouse clicks, John Deere and CNH Case New Holland dealers can submit financials to their respective manufacturer’s financial program after initial configuration.