Increase Service Revenue with ASPEN’s Tools for the Service Department

Simple ways to increase service revenue.

Increase service department profits by tracking revenue vs. non-revenue hours and labor types. Keep techs up to speed with insight from detailed labor and efficiency reports, stay on top of open work orders, work in process, and sales/margin tracking using ASPEN’s reporting functions and Dashboard widgets. Save at least an hour a day with ASPEN’s Technician Availability Calendar and improve efficiency and speed up workflow using ASPEN’s Standard Job Codes and manufacturer’s flat-rates.

Following are some examples of how to use ASPEN to increase your Service Department’s profitability:

  • Increase Recovery Rate with Better Technician Efficiency
    Recovery rate measures how good your manager is at turning the hours you are buying into billable hours. If you have two techs you are paying 8 hours a day and the techs are each billing out 5 hours a day, the recovery rate for your service department would be 62.5% (10/16 hours). Your goal is to be at least at 90%. Use ASPEN’s service clock to track 100% of your technician’s billlable time. Techs log onto their assigned work orders to effectively manage their time on each order. With A.I.M. Interactive Mobility, techs can log on and off work orders using their mobile device.
  • Use Work Order Segments to Increase Work Order Value
    Create segments on your work orders to represent a repair on the equipment being serviced by the tech. For example, if a mower needs both the carburetor cleaned and a new deck belt installed, create a segment on the work order for each with separate billable time assigned. You will find your ratio by dividing the total number of segments for a given period of time by the total number of work orders.
  • Use Flat Rates and Standard Job Codes to Increase the Value of Each Work Order Segment
    Use manufacturer job codes and set flat rates to increase the value of each work order segment by 25% or more. The more you flat rate, the more value each segment has and the more money you put toward the bottom line.
  • Beef up Work Order Segments by Up Selling Additional Services or Parts
    In the ASPEN system, using Standard Job Codes can increase your service charges by automatically populating the work order with associated parts and other miscellaneous additional charges along with the flat-rate labor charges.
  • Increase service revenue using ASPEN’s Integrated CRM.