Point of Sale

ASPEN’s Point of Sale functionality is designed to make transactions easy so you can focus on the customer.

Save time adding items to invoices using previously saved parts lists or using one of the many integrated Electronic Parts Catalogs. Save time by combining items from different departments and applying flexible payment methods. Because ASPEN is Windows-based you can serve multiple customers at once, switching between invoice screens without losing your place. Never miss a chance to upsell – associated parts and services will appear on the invoice as suggested items.

Use ASPEN’s Point of Sale to:

  • Quickly access and drill down to information directly from the invoicing screen. View customer records, parts information and units.
  • Upsell additional parts at point of sale. Associated parts and miscellaneous charges automatically display to suggest and add to invoices.
  • Serve multiple customers. Multiple invoices, work orders and rentals can be open at once, including the completed, voiced and ones currently being worked on. View all invoices in progress from the invoicing selection screen.
  • Items sold from different departments can be on one invoice. Parts, units, trades and other charges and remarks are all viewable on one screen and can print on one invoice. Easily add customer equipment for trade from the invoicing screen.
  • Save time entering items onto an invoice by selecting a list of previously saved parts or an EPC picklist with a few mouse clicks.
  • Choose from flexible payment methods when finalizing the invoice. Split payments between different customers and/or by different payment methods.payments on account and credits can be applied directly through the invoicing screen.
  • Quickly apply another pricing scheme to selected items on an invoice with a few mouse clicks.