Business Manager

As a Business Manager, you need visibility into every department.

ASPEN Business Management System shows the performance of each department so you can work with them to set goals and hold them accountable. Are Sales margins slipping? Do you have too many parts inventory discrepancies? Are Service Technicians accurately clocking on and off? With ASPEN, you’ll have the information you need to get the highest performance from each department. Read our article “Are you tracking your business in real-time?” to learn more.

In order to have full control over the business, you need not only the relevant information but also the ability to glean insights. ASPEN’s advanced reporting and analytics, along with the ability to access and manipulate the data any way you want give Business Managers the tools they need to see trends and opportunities in the business.

ASPEN’s Manufacturer and supplier integrations reduce labor costs and increase accuracy by allowing employees to enter information one time into ASPEN instead of re-keying data into multiple systems. If you are a dealer or distributor who carries multiple brands you know how valuable that is.