Rental & Fleet Problems Solved

Rental and Fleet Problems Solved

ASPEN’s Rental Utilization helps you understand if you have the right volume of units, which ones are producing, which are not and most importantly why.

Problem: You don’t have easy access to the information you need to make decisions.

ASPEN’s robust, real time financial utilization reporting helps dealers decide when to expand or transfer units out of the rental fleet. Use ASPEN to track rental revenue by equipment type, market segment or other custom categories and analyze revenue by market. Prevent revenue loss by recording and classifying lost sales from ASPEN’s rental calendar or rental contract screen.  Analyze lost sales by reason and take immediate, corrective action.

Problem: It’s hard to track specific units to monitor service, unit location and depreciation.

ASPEN allows you to track each unit separately. Know where the unit is, it’s service record and utilization rate. You can even upload an image of the unit to its record. Use ASPEN’s mobile functionality to track and log notes on units from the field. Choose from scheduled depreciation, on-demand depreciation, or depreciation as a percentage of rental income methods and ASPEN monitors that cost basis so it never goes below the designated salvage value.

Problem: It’s hard to determine how well you’re utilizing your fleet.

ASPEN shows utilization of each fleet by month, calendar year, last 12 months and life-to-date. Drill-down to details for each unit‘s service history, rental transactions, and more directly from the ASPEN report.

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