Service Truck Tracking

Track service truck inventory with ASPEN’s Alternate Stocking Locations (ASL)

Alternate Stocking Locations, or ASL, is powerful ASPEN add-on that helps dealers track and manage on-site inventory and inventory on mobile service trucks. This optional add-on allows you to easily replenish mobile trucks by setting stocking levels, track labor and parts volume sold. Using ASL you can ensure all parts are getting billed and monitor shrinkage at each location. ASL provides more control and insight into your inventory, allowing you to recover any additional costs and evaluate the return on investment from mobile trucks.

Use ASL to:

  • Set a special parts price group for your ASL
  • Use ASPEN Workflow Tasks for electronic sign-on by the mobile tech
  • Report parts allocated to the ASL but never applied to work order
  • Check availability of parts on the ASL from within ASPEN or by using A.I.M.
  • Pull in physical count numbers into an ASL to record differentials and shrinkage
  • Pull parts from a picklist into the ASL Transaction screen to apply to work orders
  • Electronic sign-off process to pass parts to tech
  • Set separate pricing for mobile parts