Vision Screens

Use ASPEN’s Customer Vision Screens to monitor customer purchasing trends and identify sales opportunities. 

Vision Screens take the functionality of Selection Screens a step further, providing in one report the ability to analyze data based on multiple metrics that you would normally have to get from multiple reports or export to Excel to further manipulate.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Pinpoint your top customers. The top 20% of your customer lists typically provides 80 percent of your revenue. With Vision Screens you can run a report listing customer revenue to date to identify your most important customers. From there you can run a three-year comparison of that report to see who has made the list and who fell off.
  • Segment your customers to market to them by type, warranty expiration, last service date, type of equipment owned, etc.
  • Create scenarios to classify customers by their sales history and sales by department. For example, by comparing data to find out which customers have purchased units but not parts or service from you, you can reach out to these customers with a targeted email and or direct mail marketing promotion using ASPEN’s CRM tool.