ASPEN Business Management Reports

ASPEN Business Management Reports cover all of your business needs.

ASPEN Business Management Reports provide real-time detailed information on all the departments in your business. Whether it’s information on customers, parts, accounting, units, rentals, sales or service, ASPEN Reports have got you covered.  Get up-to-the-minute inventory reporting, track open work orders, parts on order, or run detailed reports simplify accounting tasks.

ASPEN reports are loaded with great features.

  • A Separate Reports Console Allows for Multi-tasking. The Reports Console in ASPEN runs in its own window, separate and distinct from other ASPEN functionality, so users can generate one or multiple reports and return to ASPEN to work in any other function. If a report gets updated while you’re working on it, refresh the data with the click of a button.
  • Drillable Data. Most reports contain content that is drillable to the original record. For instance, when printing a trial balance drill to the General Ledger details, then to the journal entry, and then to the source document (i.e. invoice, parts transaction, accounts payable voucher, etc). Or on a units report click on the individual unit to view its maintenance screen. Reports are also searchable—search for specific text in a report and find what you’re looking for.
  • Reports Are Viewable and Drillable from the ASPEN Dashboard. The ASPEN Dashboard provides a centralized view into your unique business data. Users see the high-level, real-time visual overview of data pertinent to them at log-in. Information is displayed in simplified graphics that take you directly to the related reports or system records.
  • Save Report Settings, Share Reports and Export to Popular Programs. All report settings and parameters can be saved. View reports prior to printing, share reports with other users via an instant message or task with a link. Reports can also be exported to Excel, Word, HTML and other commonly used formats. Reports can be scheduled to run unattended through the ASPEN Query Tool.