About Us

About Charter Software Inc.

Our History

Charter Software Inc. was founded in 1978 by Gerry Fricke, who was succeeded by his daughters – Anne Salemo who became the President/CEO and Mary Moyer, in 1996. When Anne retired in 2019, the company’s COO, Tracy Goodman, stepped in her place as the General Manager, who continues to run operations to this day. Charter Software has served the dealer community for over 30 years and is proud to keep doing so for the years to come.

Charter Software partners with servicing dealers to promote mutual success through our use of our technology-based management tools. Our affordable, Microsoft-based business management software is designed to help our customers flourish by increasing efficiency and profitability. Our flagship product, ASPEN Business Management Software as well as AIM, its mobile companion, is used by hundreds of equipment dealers in North America. We partner with the equipment industry’s leading suppliers to create streamlined software integrations and work closely with industry associations to keep up with the dynamic markets we serve.

Acquisition by Constellation Software Inc.

As of 2019, Charter Software is a proud member of Constellation Software Inc.’s Dealership Group, which serves 6,000+ dealership locations in the ag, OPE, marine, RV, lift truck and golf car markets.

Thanks to Constellation’s “buy and hold” philosophy, Charter will maintain the unique brand presence it’s built over the last 30+ years in the industries it serves.

Our Team

Charter Software employs developers, programmers, and even support staff with management and accounting backgrounds to best serve the needs of our customers. We receive ratings ranging from “Very Good” to “Excellent” in all aspects of customer service, support and product satisfaction. We offer personalized service—we know our customers!

Our Industry Relationships Keep Us Strong

Our longstanding relationships with major industry suppliers allow us works closely with them to provide integration with their software and systems.

Our Strategic Alliances with prominent companies in related industries allow us to provide customers with access to additional products and services.

We are the only business system vendor endorsed by five regional equipment dealer associations in the United States and Canada.

To partner with servicing dealers to promote mutual success through the use of our technology.


We help people flourish.