Sandhills Publishing Integration


Increase your competitive advantage using the ASPEN Sandhills integration.

ASPEN is the only business system with Sandhills’ powerful FleetEvaluator® built-in.  Because a Sandhills’ machine specific Inspection Report is part of the integration, the values returned by FleetEvaluator® are far more accurate than the way most businesses are currently valuing units.

The integration includes Sandhills’ equipment inspection app, which allows dealers to create inspection reports for individual assets that can then be attached to inventory records in the ASPEN business system, as well as FleetEvaluator® — Sandhills Publishing’s asset valuation software powered by real-time asset and market data. Once subscribed, users gain access to the latest market and auction values. FleetEvaluator values are also accessible within unit records, quote documents and work orders in the ASPEN business system.

Dealers & Distributors use FleetEvaluator® to find the value of:

  • Potential trade equipment from customers
  • Current rental equipment
  • New & Used equipment inventory

Partnering with Sandhills Publishing helps us continue to deliver on Charter’s cause, which is to help people flourish. The new interfaces we will include in ASPEN, like FleetEvaluator®, ensure dealers are trading properly for used equipment allowing them to more strategically set retail prices on inventory, creating better margins and directly impacting their bottom line.

— Anne Salemo, Charter President/CEO


Access to data across individuals and departments enables dealers to maintain an accurate understanding of where they stand on every asset through multiple stages of the equipment lifecycle. In addition to making inspection and valuation information more readily accessible, this technology integration also saves dealers time and resources, helping them avoid data re-entry, which in turn reduces opportunities for errors and improves the accuracy of information.

Properly valuing potential trades and rental fleet units within ASPEN using this new powerful tool will help you:

  • Be proactive in your sales process
  • Improve rental utilization management
  • Make better decisions on trades to better manage working capital
  • Maximize the margin on the sale of rental units


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