Reporting & Analytics

Customer data is your most valuable intangible assets.

It’s how you pinpoint opportunities for growth, see trends, determine where you need to focus not only decision making and marketing.

Savvy business people know in order to take their company to the next level, they must be able to harness the power of their data. Being able to access parts inventories, service orders, invoices and customer records is no longer enough to keep your business growing. You need to be able to answer questions like “Why isn’t my profit margin on this sale what I expected?”, “How often is it happening?” and “Where are the opportunities to improve my bottom line?” ASPEN Business Management System provides the tools you need to analyze your data to better manage your business overall and develop insights into each department. ASPEN’s powerful SQL database provides varying levels of data access depending on the user’s needs and complexity.

ASPEN Customizable Dashboard provides users a high-level, real-time visual overview of the information important to each user.

Each widget and be clicked on to view the detailed report and can be set to auto refresh throughout the day.

ASPEN Reports cover the bases.

They provide detailed, drillable data on customers, parts, accounting, units, rentals, sales & service at a managerial level. With over 90 built-in reports across business functions, you can save report settings, export them to commonly used file formats like Excel, Word or HTML and use them to create custom dashboards.

ASPEN Selection Screens make your data discoverable so you can find actionable insights.

Create criteria based data filters that can then be further manipulated. Users choose from a large list of criteria, ranging from searches on record fields to the name of the last user who changed the record. Results are shown in an easy to use grid where records can be grouped, sorted and filtered further. Layouts can be customized and saved for later use. Lists of units, parts, customers and more can be created from the results and then run through basic reports for advanced reporting on subsets of data.

Use ASPEN’s Customer Vision Screens to monitor customer purchasing trends and identify sales opportunities. 

Vision Screens take the functionality of Selection Screens a step further, providing in one report the ability to analyze data based on multiple metrics that you would normally have to get from multiple reports or export to Excel to further manipulate.

Harness the power of custom reporting with the ASPEN’s Query Tool.

For the ultimate nerd or weekend IT dabbler, access the database schema and definitions as well as a library of pre-designed queries. Modify them or build custom queries that connect you to the SQL database or create an ODBC connection for even more power. If you need help, we can create custom queries for you. Just like in ASPEN’s Selection Screens Data Discovery tool, the data from the custom query appears in an on-screen grid that can be filtered, sorted, rearranged, and exported to other applications such as Microsoft Excel and shared with others.