Service & Warranty

Simplify the process of assigning, tracking service orders and outstanding warranty invoices.

Easily write-off warranties to one expense account. Track submission and credit status and multiple credits. Simplify the process of assigning and tracking outstanding warranty invoices
  • ASPEN’s system-assisted warranty process allows users to easily write-off warranties to one expense account, track submission and credit status, track multiple credits. The system calculates the write-off, and reconciles in one easy step!
  • Create a warranty payment method as a Receivable payment method pointing to a warranty receivables account. Multiple warranty payment methods can be set up for multiple warranty receivables accounts. ASPEN also provides the ability to define payment accounts to be used for parts write off, labor write off and general write off.
  • As warranty work is completed, apply the warranty payment method to the work order or just to the segment(s) of the work order covered by warranty. Run the warranty invoice and submit the claim to the manufacturer to receive either a payment or a credit.
  • A warranty can also be used as a payment method on a customer invoice as well in situations where was no labor involved such as a part covered by warranty.
  • When the Warranty payment method is applied, ASPEN automatically creates a credit voucher in Accounts Payable, which generates a task to a specified person for Warranty Claim Requests to post the credit voucher for the credit expected from the vendor.
  • View outstanding Warranty credits in ASPEN’s Receivables Listing report where you can drill to each individual invoice from this report.
Manage warranty status, find warranty requests, view completed warranty claims and drill to associated documents from the Warranty Request Selection Screen.