Charter Software Introduces TargetCRM to Help Dealers Drive Repeat Business All Year Round

Littleton, CO, September 30, 2021 – Charter Software Solutions, leading industry-specific dealership software vendor in North America, is pleased to announce TargetCRM, an automated sales and marketing platform designed to help dealers turn their one-time customers into repeat buyers, all year round.

Using TargetCRM, dealers can automatically survey their customers after every sale and repair to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction by department, at each location. They can then:

  • Refer happy customers to Google and Facebook, where they can leave positive reviews, so dealers can stand out with the highest rating and highest number of reviews.
  • Connect with happy customers via targeted text and email promotions, using data like distance, purchase history, category and so on.

TargetCRM also makes it easy for dealers to engage customers via text messaging, which is the way most of them want to be engaged, eliminating phone tag and reducing voicemails (potentially, by 80% or more).

“We love TargetCRM,” said Brandon Crawford from ATS Outdoors. “Thanks to it, we now have a ton of positive online reviews. Almost 30 of them. We all want good reviews, but occasionally you’re going to get a bad one. What TargetCRM does is that it takes that bad review and notifies you immediately of the dissatisfied customer, so you can go and fix the problem. It’s an opportunity to turn bad reviews into positive ones.”

“If you are looking to get more leads and sell more all year-round, without necessarily adding people, you have got to try this app,” said Tim Berman, the Innovation Manager at Ideal.

To learn more about Charter TargetCRM and all its benefits, be sure to visit this page.

About Charter Software Solutions Inc.

Charter Software provides scalable, integrated, Microsoft-based, business-management software to hundreds of equipment dealers in North America. Designed to increase efficiency and communication across all departments, Charter’s business-management software, ASPEN, provides tools that help dealers manage their businesses more profitably. Charter’s close relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers provide streamlined system integrations, strengthening dealers’ and distributors’ connections with their business partners.