Parts & Service Problems

Parts & Service Problems Solved

High performance of the Parts & Service departments is essential for a profitable dealer or distributorship. ASPEN has tools that address the biggest challenges these departments face.

Problem: Constant interruptions.

ASPEN allows you to move between tasks quickly and easily without losing track of what you’re doing. ASPEN’s Windows-based functionality allows you to have multiple windows open at one time. Switch from a work order to process a point of sale, order or receive parts, clock time and manage work schedules without losing your place.

Problem: You need an answer or information from someone to complete a task.

Workflow and advanced communication tools make it fast and easy to get answers from your coworkers without shouting across the dealership.  ASPEN’s workflow tasks and communications replace emails, notepads and sticky notes so nothing falls through the cracks. From any ASPEN screen (like a record, report, invoice, etc.), one click creates an instant message or task that provides the recipient a link to access the information they’ll need. ASPEN’s built-in workflow creates more consistent processes for repetitive transactions, saving time and eliminating the duplication of effort.

Use ASPEN’s onscreen messaging and workflow to delegate and monitor tasks you assign to a team member or individual. Messaging is a quick and easy way to communicate with others in the dealership when immediate action is required – like approving a work order or increasing a customer’s credit limit. Including a link or attachment to the message or task allows the recipient to access the ASPEN record requiring action.

Problem: Monitoring your department’s performance.

ASPEN Service Reports provide drill-down reports that track things like technician’s time, analyze your department’s profitability and forecast anticipated revenue from open work orders. All of ASPEN’s reports run and open in a separate window, so you don’t lose track of where you are on a task. Click on links within reports to access the source of the information, such as a specific work order.

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Problem: You’re losing money due to low turn rates or parts replenishment.

Use the ASPEN Parts Analysis Tool to view parts fill percentages, turn rates and other details that help improve your department’s performance. Analyze performance by location, manufacturer and more. Utilize the results to correct stocking logic to improve turns and fill rates.