Data Ownership & Accessibility

Own your data…or else.

Choose how you want to access your data.


ASPEN is the only business management system that allows users to extract their own data, any way they want to see it. Unlike other Business Management Systems, we make our database schema visible giving you the power to build your own custom queries or select what you need from our query library.

ASPEN also has over 20 different manufacturer interfaces that allow you to send and receive data from within the Business Management System, without re-keying information multiple times. Charter Software works closely with major OEMs to ensure each interface is up to date with the current functionality.

Use ASPEN’s tools to evaluate and share data.

ASPEN’s Query Tool is a powerful addition to your Business Management System if you need to create and share custom data sets.

Customizable Dashboard Widgets provide users a high-level, real-time visual overview of the information important to each user. Each widget and be clicked on to view the detailed report and can be set to auto refresh throughout the day.

ASPEN Business Management Reports provide detailed, drillable information on customers, parts, accounting, units, rentals, sales and service. With over 90 built-in reports across business functions, you can save report settings. Share them with other ASPEN users or export them to commonly used file formats like Excel, Word or HTML  to create custom reports and dashboards.