Charter Software Releases ASPEN Integrator


July 12th, 2016 Littleton, CO

Charter Software Inc. releases ASPEN Integrator

First of its kind API joins dealer management software with third party suppliers

Charter Software Inc.’s July 2016 release includes the launch of ASPEN Integrator, a new module that integrates ASPEN, their flagship business management software, with the third party suppliers that dealers use to run their business efficiently. With ASPEN Integrator dealers can now:

  • Connect to multiple data sources including CRM packages, shopping carts, auction & equipment sites, manufacturers, email and phone systems in real time.
  • Keep multiple data sources current, reducing duplicate data issues caused by current software integrations
  • Run secure live queries and more quickly respond to customer inquiries 

“At Charter Software, we understand that in order to flourish, dealers need to be able build a bridge between all of their technology systems. Most business system vendors in our industry do not have any means to connect, and the ones that do require third party certification,” said Anne Salemo, President/CEO of Charter Software. “Dealerships own their data and should be able to extend it as necessary to maintain competitive edge. If you have a software or online tool that needs access to your customer, inventory or other relevant business information, ASPEN Integrator is for you.”

About ASPEN: ASPEN was developed using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server to offer dealers strong security, a reliable, manageable IT infrastructure, and easy integration with Microsoft applications.

About Charter Software Inc.: Charter Software, Inc. is headquartered in Littleton, Colorado and was founded in 1978. Charter Software provides affordable, Windows-based business management software designed to improve efficiency and increase the profitability of equipment dealerships. Charter Software works closely with the equipment industry’s leading suppliers to create streamlined EPC/e-commerce integration with their software.

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