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A Visitor’s Guide to 8 Dealerships

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About the Guide:

Over the past few months, the Charter Team including Kanchan Java, General Manager, had the opportunity to meet with owners, general managers, controllers, service technicians, and every person responsible for keeping the heart of a dealership pumping.

It’s been an enlightening experience and we wanted to share the dealerships that have put us in their shoes and given us a taste of what it’s like day in and day out at a dealership.

What’s Included:

Authentic Insights From ASPEN Dealerships

Find out which ASPEN features are a favorite for general managers, controllers, owners, and more! Learn how dealers are planning to use ASPEN to help fulfill their long-term goals.

Fun Facts, Stories, & Advice

Get to know our ASPEN dealerships with some fun facts – and even funnier stories – as well as heartfelt advice for people looking to join the industry.

Ongoing & Future Developments to ASPEN

Our improvements to ASPEN are driven by feedback from dealers! Find out what challenges dealers are facing, and what Charter is doing to help.

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