Kubota of Lynchburg Shares How ASPEN’s User Friendly Interface Helped Them Connect to Customers

Before it became Kubota of Lynchburg, it was known as Farm Service Company, a complete agriculture equipment dealership founded in 1940 and run by the same family for over 70 years. They were also one of the oldest Kubota dealerships in the country, having acquired Kubota very early on. In 2017, the dealership came under new ownership and was re-established as Kubota of Lynchburg to become Lynchburg’s only Kubota dealer.

Today, they offer a variety of equipment including skid steers, wheel loaders, and implements to go with them. We had the chance to sit down with their General Manager Jedd Campbell to hear how they leverage ASPEN in their daily operations.

Top ASPEN Feature:

  • The ability to get wherever you need with the click of a button

What are some of your favorite features in ASPEN?

Jedd: You can pretty much get to anywhere you need from whatever screen you’re on. If you’re in an invoice, you can see a customer equipment with one click.

If you’re in the customer file, you can make an invoice with one click. If you’re looking at a part, you can make an invoice with a click and with another click invoice it to a customer. So, it’s easy to use and it’s very similar to Windows, so it’s easy to pick up for most of the employees.

What are some long-term goals for the dealership and how do you envision ASPEN helping you achieve them?

Jedd: We’re growing. We’ve grown threefold in the past five years. We’re up easily three times where we were in 2017-2018. Something we don’t do yet is rentals. We do it in a very limited capacity right now, and ASPEN has that feature built in.

We are looking to add rentals in the next three years. So, I’m planning on going back and doing all the training again on the rental end of things with ASPEN.”

What’s something no one tells you about working in a dealership?

Jedd: Our motto here is professionalism is a must. We take care of the customer at any cost. The customer’s not always right, but they’re never wrong. You have to take care of them. So that’s what we pride ourselves in and it pays itself back.

Fun Fact:

Jedd: I’ve seen things like mowers or tractors being lost off the trailers, going up the highway that are on their way to be delivered.

I’ve seen a new delivery for a zero-turn that the guy called me, he said, ‘Jedd, I don’t know what to do. My zero-turn is stuck in the ditch and it’s on fire.’ I said, ‘hang up and call the fire department first. That’s what you got to do first, call the fire department.’ He said, ‘but my mower — my mower.’

I said, ‘don’t worry about your mower. You call the fire department and then call the insurance company that you had on your loan.’ So, the next day we delivered him a new zero-turn and he didn’t try to mow the ditch anymore.