A step-by-step guide to getting the most from your Parts Department

A robust Parts Department is key to increasing a servicing dealership’s cash flow. This free guide helps you understand how to increase your department’s performance by focusing a few important factors, including: Qualities of a great Parts Manager Understanding and creating Financial Accountability Proper Parts stocking – right part, right time, right place Tracking and… Read more »

Boost Profits with a Service Truck

Equipment dealers are always looking for ways to boost their revenue, and mobile service is the answer to increase and expand their service profitability. According to a recent Dealer Business Trends & Outlook survey by Farm Equipment Magazine, more than 40% of the dealers surveyed said they planned to invest in mobile service. “Branching out… Read more »

Use Digitized Flat Rates to Grow Dealership Profit and Service Revenue

Flat Rates offer your dealership the opportunity to increase dealership profit and customer satisfaction. By pricing by the job instead of the number of hours, you can account for the different levels of experience among your service technicians and provide customers with an up-front price they can agree to.  What is a Flat Rate?  A Flat Rate is… Read more »

How Mobile is Changing Service

Mobile is one of the biggest changes to the equipment dealers industry to date. From increasing management productivity to improving employee and customer satisfaction, mobile has become a simple fix for some of the industry’s most pertinent issues. Are you using this technology to its fullest potential?

Is Your Service Department in the Right Hands – Part 2

Second of a two-part series. Read part one here. In the first part of this series, we talked about the qualities your service manager should have in order to be trusted with managing the highest potential profit margin in your dealership. Now we’ll review their objectives and responsibilities. See if the following list of responsibilities and… Read more »

Top 8 Tips for Your Biggest Service Department Issues

Running a service department is simple. But running an excellent one is a real challenge. The payoff of upgrading your service department is huge. From skyrocketing repeat sales to securing fully accounted for invoices, launching an effective service department strategy offer dealers a lot more than they might have originally thought.

Six tips for selling while you service

Interested in learning how to make more money without changing anything how and what you service? Try selling while You service. One business owner who successfully applied this strategy in practical ways reportedly saw an increase of over $600,000 in yearly revenue. And while this example business is focused on precision Ag services, the lessons… Read more »

Avoiding the frustration of collecting for repair work

 Service work is a huge part of your dealership’s business and can be extremely profitable. Unfortunately, many dealers are faced with the difficult situation of having to deal with customers who can’t or won’t pay for services rendered.