How to Track and Optimize ROI with Dealer Management System Software

Tracking and deciphering ROI is a common challenge for most businesses. This is mostly because ROI depends on each individual businesses’ goals, resources, products, and services. With that in mind, we’ve created a simple process for deciphering how to track ROI with a dealer management system software in a way that’s unique to your business… Read more »

How Advanced Analytics Can Drive Equipment Dealership Performance

One of the key changes within our industry is the use of advanced analytics to drive equipment dealership performance. Equipment dealers and partners who embrace these changes sooner than later will reap the many benefits provided by these new technologies. The most impactful and disruptive experiences we’re now seeing include the integration of IoT and… Read more »

Want to Grow Your Business? You Need a Cash Flow Management Strategy.

In their new book, Budgeting for Profit and Cash, frequent Rental Show speakers Steve Abercrombie and Barbara Nuss, CPA write, “Many growing and profitable rental businesses have failed because there wasn’t enough cash to pay the bills”. Are you the exception? Luckily for us, Abercrombie and Nuss have provided some suggestions for managing growth that… Read more »

You Need a Dealer Business System that Tracks Data in Real-Time

In a world where we’ve gotten quite used to knowing about and responding to an event almost immediately as it occurs, it only makes sense to use the same approach when using a dealer business system to track and respond to information related to your business.

Your Dealership Needs a Records Retention Schedule. Here’s Why.

Many business owners wonder how long they need to retain certain documents or records. A comprehensive records retention schedule captures all the types of documents created and used by a company in the course of its business and indicates how long these records are required to be retained. The Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association regularly publishes… Read more »