10 Ways to Streamline Your Sales Communications Using Text Messaging

Would you like to have a 98% open rate on your marketing messages? With text messaging, you can. While many businesses are leveraging text messaging to reinforce customer relationships and pull in more leads, it’s still a largely untapped resource in the dealership industry. But by not using text messaging, you could be missing out… Read more »

3 Powerful Ways to Super-charge Your Email Marketing

Email continues to be a marketer’s tried and true friend. According to Kath Pay, CEO & Founder of Holistic Email Marketing “Email marketing is the channel that just keeps on giving. The correlation between sales and budget is astounding, and I’ve yet to work with a brand which has invested time, resources and budget in email that doesn’t reap the… Read more »

3 CRM Cleaning Tips for Dealer Principals

We have discussed the importance of having a clean CRM, but how do you go about CRM cleaning?  Database cleaning is sort of like cleaning your garage. It’s a task that no one wants to do and usually only does it when things are a horrible mess. As we know, in the case of your CRM,… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Need a Clean CRM

Most businesses today have some sort of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, yet a whopping 30% of businesses have no plan in place to update or clean CRM records (source).  Research shows that a thriving business can generate up to 70% more revenue with clean data. Whether your customer data is stored in an excel sheet or you… Read more »

Dealer CRM Software Can Save Time & Increase Sales

Sales managers have to consider two main questions when making any decision for their business. The first is how can they save time. How can sales managers find new ways to innovate the process by which they reach, communicate with, and build lifeblood relationships with customers with their dealer CRM software? 

Do You Have the Dealer Management Tools You Need to Stay Competitive?

Having the right dealer management tools in place can help you stay competitive in this ever-changing market. When dealing with new regulations that highly impact business operations (such as lease terms, maintenance provisions, and the frequency of required audits), acquiring or improving your business management system becomes paramount to success. Dealerships should use these tools… Read more »

Why Dealership CRM Software is More Important Than Ever

According to business intelligence experts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a significant role in any business. More business decisions are being made based on customer data than ever before. That is why it’s important for your business to have a tool that is integrated with your business system. An integrated dealership CRM software provides dealers unique insight… Read more »

CRM and the Savvy Service Manager

A Service Manager’s role includes much more than just mechanical knowledge. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) skills, the ability to up-sell, and the effective use of technology are additional—and critical—components to a successful service manager’s qualifications.