3 Powerful Ways to Super-charge Your Email Marketing

Email continues to be a marketer’s tried and true friend. According to Kath Pay, Email Marketing Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard with Word Partners on It.CEO & Founder of Holistic Email Marketing “Email marketing is the channel that just keeps on giving. The correlation between sales and budget is astounding, and I’ve yet to work with a brand which has invested time, resources and budget in email that doesn’t reap the rewards.” 

So how can you super-charge your email marketing campaigns in 2020? Let’s look at a few important advantages email provides. 

  1. Personalization. As a concept, personalization isn’t a new idea. As far back as 1993 Don Peppers and Martha Rogers introduced the idea of One to One marketing, meaning your message is tailored to an individual’s interests rather than being a broadcast message. What continues to evolve are the technologies that help businesses embrace personalization, including email. Use an email marketing platform that integrates with your CRM system to build data-driven, customer-specific lists and tailor the content so it’s relevant to your audience. (Hint: You can use ASPEN’s integrated CRM system to send these types of lists to MailChimp and create email campaigns.) 
  1. Marketing Automation. This is the practice of planning a series of emails or marketing touches that are automatically sent to a pre-defined group of contacts on a regular interval or based on an action the contact takes. Use marketing automation to nurture and grow relationships with customer and prospects.  For example, you could create a series of emails to send a customer who has purchased a piece of equipment with product information, a promotion on accessories or related products, and scheduled service reminders. Although there is an entire segment of marketing software dedicated to doing marketing automation, most email software provides the opportunity to create a series of scheduled emails. 
  1. Device Optimization. In today’s digitally connected world, it is important to remember that people are using multiple devices to access their email, and they expect you to meet their experience expectations on all of them. Most companies still design their email templates primarily for desktop users. Sending emails that aren’t designed to be responsive or adaptive not only don’t effectively deliver your message but can potentially damage your brand by looking like you don’t embrace technology. It’s important to choose an email provider that offers email template designs that scale automatically according to the user’s screen size. And don’t forget to test your emails before sending to make sure they appear correctly. 

End of year is a great time to re-evaluate your marketing practices and set goals for improving them. We hope this article helps you think differently about how you are currently approaching email as a channel, and offers ideas for improvement. 

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