4 Keys to a Successful Dealer Management System Implementation

A Successful Dealer Management System Implementation makes all the difference in the world in helping your business flourish. The majority of our customers would agree…but the million-dollar question is, “What are the key differentiators that impact an implementation?”

5 Tips for Immediate Success After an Acquisition

Mergers, acquisitions, and an additional location. All of these factors come together to form a potentially chaotic situation. Although well intentioned, many business owners let profits slip through the cracks during this tumultuous time.

Importance Of Managing Sequential Tasks

The day-to-day operations of receiving and shelving inventory are the lifeblood of successful dealerships. These operations are made up of a series of sequential tasks. Besides keeping things organized, managing these procedures well can create a seamless experience for both customers and employees. The key to managing sequential tasks is having a willingness to adapt… Read more »

Embrace Change, Manage Stress: Reflections from the AETA Conference

I attend a great deal of conventions in the equipment dealer industry, and it is rare when they have speakers that talk about de-stressing your life.  That’s why it was a pleasant surprise when Richard Flint spoke at breakfast during the recent Joint Annual Convention last week.   Richard has written several books and speaks all around the world. He is known for his colorful shirts (as you can see from his… Read more »

Three Keys to Successful Agriculture Dealership Change Management

As a business owner for the last twenty years, I’ve learned to handle big changes from a business management perspective. Implementing a new business management system can be a challenge, but there are multiple things, controllable and uncontrollable, that can create dealership change management in an organization.