Six tips for selling while you service

Interested in learning how to make more money without changing anything how and what you service? Try selling while You service. One business owner who successfully applied this strategy in practical ways reportedly saw an increase of over $600,000 in yearly revenue. And while this example business is focused on precision Ag services, the lessons learned from this profile have a lot to teach any dealership looking to make that next big revenue leap.

What does selling while you service mean?

Selling while you service means continuing to generate revenue from existing relationships. There are a lot of opportunities for up selling, creating add-ons, and upgrading your customers’ purchases, you just need to know where to look. The two main components of selling while you service are personal touch and attention to detail.  


A little creativity and inspiration on this ideology led to success for Pete Youngblut of Youngblut Ag in Dysart, Iowa. Here are some strategies he used that you can implement today.ways he did it that you can copy today:

  • Care about your customer’s profit just as much as (if not more than) your own. Find ways to help them make more money in everything you do. If you’re not already doing so, be sure to keep track of your clients and their sales histories with a quality CRM.
  • Solve problems for your prospects before they ever make a purchase from you. They’ll know they can trust you (and anything you have to offer them) in the future. Anticipating their needs is made simple with historical data available through the ASPEN business management system.
  • Create a billing model that most appeals to your audience. If switching from a yearly subscription to an hourly fee creates peace of mind among your clients then by all means make the adjustment. Chances are it will be more profitable for you in the long run. Keep track of your new billing model with business management solutions that provide advanced reporting for greater insight into what’s really working for your clients.
  • Provide the highest quality service possible. We know you’re already trying to do that, but one way to improve in this area is to consider the biggest complaints customers have about the type of product or service you offer. Just because it has been the norm up until now doesn’t mean it should stay that way. Look for opportunities where you can eliminate or decrease this annoyance by tweaking what you already provide.
  • Look to past trends for opportunities to offer new, complimentary services. A good business management software will help you predict profitable verticals without any guesswork. Don’t be afraid to be flexible as you consider these new revenue streams.
  • Have a buddy system. This one is key for any services that involve face-to-face customer interaction. Have one team member perform the necessary tasks while the other chats with the customer. New business can magically spring to life from casual conversation and in-person relationship building. 

Being able to sell while you service relies on having the right tools in place. Follow the above six tips and watch your revenue rise.