How ASPEN’s All-in-one Software to helped Rovendale Ag & Barn expand their dealership

Rovendale Ag & Barn was founded in 1992 by Donny Rovendale. Donny worked for his father’s business selling barn equipment parts such as silos, loaders, and barn cleaners. He purchased that part of his father’s business in ’92 and moved to Watsontown where he opened the first dealership.

In 2006, Rovendale added New Holland to their lineup. They have since expanded to two more locations in Wysox and Honesdale. Their General Manager Abe Heggenstaller took the time to sit down with us and share how ASPEN Made a Positive impact on their dealership operations.

Top ASPEN Features:

  • Unit tracking
  • sales
  • management

What are some of your favorite features in ASPEN?

Abe: The ability to have all of this contained within one source. Everything’s available from the same application. I can be making an invoice and with a few clicks, I can change over to doing some kind of reporting. In one or two more clicks you’re doing something completely different, and you don’t have to open a parts module, a rental module, a reporting or accounting module. It can all be done pretty seamlessly through the one console.

What are some long-term goals for the dealership and how do you envision ASPEN helping you achieve them?

Abe: We recently added a third location at the beginning of August so the continued growth of that new location. As far as ASPEN helping with that, the ability to view our whole goods inventory and access everything for all the locations. With that, the ability to closely monitor and see what’s happening in the dealership, whether it’s day-to-day numbers or overall comparisons between growth or areas of concern.

Our main goal right now is the successful onboarding of this third location and the continued growth in that territory as well as integrating all three locations to work together, to maximize the parts and whole goods inventory that we have available to us.

What’s something no one tells you about working in a dealership?

Abe: I think just the complexity of all these moving pieces fitting together between parts and sales and service, and then the customer element that can be ever-changing. Although we’re doing generally the same thing, a day can be completely different.

There are just so many variables that can change, even from one minute to the next.

Fun Fact:

Abe: The Rovendale family, the owners of Rovendale Ag & Farm, although they wouldn’t probably describe themselves as this, they’ve always been innovators or leaders. They had the first all-electric farm in the area here, and it was used as a kind of a showcase for the power company.

They’ve always been improving and willing to try new things, new technologies, when other people may be reluctant to do that.