Sanitary Equipment Co. On Why Reporting is Their Favorite Feature in ASPEN

Sanitary Equipment is a second generation family-owned business that has operated for over 48 years.

They provide solid waste equipment, serving private and municipal waste haulers across the Connecticut tri-state area.

Throughout all these years, they’ve based their business on quality, taking care of their customers’ needs, and solving their problems before they become problems. We sat down with their Vice President John Gregory to find out how ASPEN helped them do this.

Top ASPEN Features:

• The flexibility of the reporting system
• Customizable dashboard

What are some of your favorite features in ASPEN?

My biggest would probably be the reporting and the flexibility of it. That seems to be my major thing. I love to have the favorites set up in the dashboard. This way it’s all right in front of you at one shot. Those are probably the two things that I rely on the most this way. I don’t really have to go do a lot of digging once everything’s set.

What are some long-term goals for the dealership and how do you envision ASPEN helping you achieve them?

When the Charter team came in and talked to us, they mentioned another customer service piece where the customers can get emails, text messages, and status updates as things go along. That’s the next thing that we’re looking to really tighten up and get into. The problem is our processes in-house are not as precise as they should be. So, we’re not ready for it at this moment, but that’s where I can see us going in the future.

What’s something no one tells you about working in a dealership?

It’s not always fun. The reason they [customers] are coming to you is because they get a problem and hopefully it’s not with you.

Fun Fact:

Honestly, we pretty much consider everybody here family because we’re here more than we’re home. And if we can’t have fun and work and being together as an oddball family, then you know, why are we doing it? But at the same time, we got a job to do.