How Hopf Equipment Boosted Their Employee Productivity With ASPEN

Charlie Hopf founded Hopf Equipment in 1974.

At 80 years old, he continues to work at the dealership three days a week. His sons, Mike and Glen, have worked at the dealership since they were 10- and 12-years old washing various implements and equipment.

Today, the family owned business has three stores that serve the Indiana area for ag, construction, and outdoor power equipment. We checked in with Co-Owner Glen Hopf To hear about his experience using ASPEN.

Top ASPEN Features:

  • Reporting functionality
  • Drill-down capacity

What are some of your favorite features in ASPEN?

Glen: The reporting pieces that really monitor what’s going on. The drill-down capability is nice too when you’re looking at a report and you can just click on a doc number, pull up a document and look at it quickly and easily.

It really helps with the management piece of it because a lot of times you see a number and the next thing you want to know is what makes up that number? You can click on it right on the screen and just see it, so you don’t have to flip to another screen and look up documents, units, customers, all that data. You can click back and forth from one place and go to another directly. And the productivity gain among all my employees is pretty significant.

What are some long-term goals for the dealership and how do you envision ASPEN helping you achieve them?

Glen: We’re working towards TargetCRM and trying to do a little bit more with that. So that’ll be a big one for us once we roll that in – to be able to text payments and things like two-way texting. I think ASPEN will do a really good job to make us a little bit more mobile.

What’s something no one tells you about working in a dealership?

Glen: The workday is basically full of interruptions, with some short times when you have peace to get some work done. It’s a little odd, but that’s kind of the way the day works. My cell phone rang three times already.

Fun Fact:

Glen: We have a lighthearted atmosphere at all our stores where everybody will joke around, and everybody gets along quite well. So, it makes it a little more fun to spend the whole day here. Having a lighthearted company culture makes it a lot more fun.