Change Is Difficult – No Change Is…FATAL

CHANGE IS DIFFICULT- NOT CHANGING IS… FATAL! The process of change is usually not pleasant, but the rewards can be. Running a business requires a leader who knows not just when to change, but how. Today’s leadership not only requires the ability to continuously manage crisis and change—but also the circular vision to see around, beneath… Read more »

Increase Your Service Recovery Rate & Work Order Values

Adapted from the article by Bob Clements, “Time to See How Your Business Measures Up“ As we move into a new season, it’s a perfect time to assess what changes you are going to make in your dealership and how those actions will impact your bottom line at the end of the new year. While… Read more »

Making Mobile Work For Your Dealership

Making Mobile Work For Your Dealership In the Segue company blog, staff member Ben Shapiro discusses the benefits and challenges of mobile connectivity in the workplace. In his article, Ben also lists examples of how employees can use their own mobile devices to maintain their productivity from wherever they may be. Here, we’ve put together our own… Read more »

Are Your Parts In The Right Hands?

ARE YOUR PARTS IN THE RIGHT HANDS? First of a two-part series on determining if you have the right parts manager in your dealership. by Anne Salemo, President, Charter Software Inc. Would you trust a stranger with $250,000 of your money to invest however he wanted?  This is essentially the type of power a parts… Read more »

Research Reveals CRM More Important Than Ever

Research Reveals CRM More Important Than Ever According to business intelligence experts, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plays a significant role in any business, as it is the underlying force that defines wise business decisions. More business decisions are being made based on data such as customer demographics and their purchase history than ever before. What better place to… Read more »

Ideas For Targeting Customers To Promote Your Products

Ideas For Targeting Customers To Promote Your Products Ideas for targeting customers to promote your products to: Customers who have purchased equipment from you but have not purchased parts or had service Customers who have rented equipment but not purchased anything Customers who have purchased parts but not equipment Interested in more ideas of how… Read more »

Make Your "Off" Season Your "On" Season

MAKE YOUR “OFF” SEASON YOUR “ON” SEASON! Some equipment dealers may be lucky enough to be up to their ears in winter service or rentals, for others, winter is a time to regroup, recharge and get ready for the spring selling season. It’s time to analyze performance for the past year and decide on what… Read more »

Are Your Books In The Right Hands?

ARE YOUR BOOKS IN THE RIGHT HANDS? by Anne Salemo, President, Charter Software Inc. Finding the right person to handle the accounting aspects of your dealership can be a challenge. To prevent future headaches—and potential liabilities—it is critical to know the qualifications and history of the individuals who are responsible for the accounting at your… Read more »

Increase Profits Through Superior Rental Management

SMART EQUIPMENT DEALERS ARE INCREASING PROFITS THROUGH SUPERIOR RENTAL MANAGEMENT “Running a rental division requires a hefty financial investment, so the last thing most dealers want to do is purchase and maintain a separate rental system. ASPEN’s Rental component is part of a complete dealership management system, so it allows dealers to effectively manage their… Read more »

Sales Count Per Employee–The Holy Grail of Head Count

SALES COUNT PER EMPLOYEE–THE HOLY GRAIL OF HEAD COUNT Are you at risk for poor customer service, or do you have the best service in town, yet no numbers to show for it? Ron Slee shares his thoughts on how to achieve balance between customer service and profitability. By running the numbers and analyzing your… Read more »