Agriculture Equipment Dealer Training is Important. Here’s Why.

In a recent survey of dealership owners, employee training “again topped the list in 2018, with 71.2% of respondents viewing this area as the ‘most important’ of investment”. This figure makes a great case for why agriculture equipment dealer training is so important. 

Employees enjoy the experience of working when they feel their efforts are contributing to something bigger than themselves. This is especially true when their accomplishments are acknowledged and celebrated.  

But in order for them to better understand their jobs in the first place, they have to receive the right kind of agriculture equipment dealer training. And while most employers worry that their newly trained recruits will take their skills to another company, there is evidence that strongly suggests the opposite; employees who are invested in strive to invest back.  

Employee training also has a lot of other benefits, including giving people the opportunity to further increase their productivity, facilitate the ability to grow within their positions, and provide empowerment through the knowledge that they are an important piece in your company’s puzzle.  

Tools, Training, and Tips 

The most popular forms of employee training include one or more of the following: 

  1. In-person training 
  2. Online training 
  3. Hands-on training 
  4. Mobile app-based training 
  5. Learn “at your own pace” training

These different styles and methodologies can be used for any role within an organization. While there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to each one, a little trial and error can help define what makes the most sense for your unique environment.  

3 Types of Employee Training 

  • Skills gap training. Use this training for current employees who need to expand their abilities within their existing job role.  
  • Future-thinking training. Nurture and grow the future leaders of your organization through advanced education seminars.  
  • New employee training. The most commonly used yet misunderstood type of training. Beyond explaining their new role, new employee training should include wisdom like common obstacles faced on the job, motivating anecdotes, and an opportunity to access additional videos for higher learning throughout their time with the company.  

Charter Software understands the importance of agriculture equipment dealer training and support, which is why users benefit from onsite, web-based, weekly webinars and user tips, and conferences to continually expand knowledge of the ASPEN Business Management System