Avoid These Common Part Sales Mistakes

Not every sales transaction can be award-winning, but there are ways to make the most out of this critical in-person interaction with your guests. In addition to executing top-notch customer service practices, your counter team can increase the total sales volume and profit with the right tools and little flexibility.

There’s no replacement for hiring experienced, knowledgeable staff. But with a business management solution and data pertaining to your customer, equipment, and potential needs at their fingertips, any employee can become a sales rockstar.

Here are the biggest issues with parts and service sales interactions today and what you can do to solve them.

  1. Not making recommendations. Pay attention to what parts your customers are buying. If they purchase certain types or combinations of parts, you can make an educated guess as to what else they might need in the future. Follow up with helpful tips or trade-in offers from your sales team.

  2. Neglecting to take note of your client’s location. Chances are they had to travel to reach you. Suggest other products they might be interested in between now and the end of the year that could save them a trip. Take it a step further by proactively using your system to market to your customers at a time that you know their machines are due to be serviced.

  3. Not checking to see if your customer is due for maintenance. They might even need additional parts they haven’t thought of. ASPEN’s business management solution allows users to view all that and more in just a few clicks.

  4. Forgetting to follow up by mail and/or email. Most dealerships won’t think to continue the conversation after the customer has made their purchase. Doing so will put yours ahead of the pack.

  5. Not training your parts counter person to cross sell or upsell. You lose every shot you don’t take and adding a single additional question to their check out process doesn’t take much effort or time.  

Having efficient tools and systems is key. Learn more about how ASPEN can help avoid some of these common pitfalls by requesting a demo.


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