3 Agriculture Dealership Tips to Increase Performance – Part Two

Bob Clements spoke at the Joint South Equipment Dealers Association Annual Meeting in Charleston a few weeks ago. He talked about the three dealership tips and best practices: set up well-defined processes, outline a plan for growth, and promote high capacity employees. In my last article, I discussed well-defined processes and how technology is involved… Read more »

3 Agriculture Dealership Tips to Increase Performance – Part One

First of a three-part series: A few weeks ago, I attended the Joint South Annual Meeting in Charleston.  There were several great speakers, but the afternoon with Bob Clements talking about “Bulletproofing Your Business” was of great interest to me.  Bob talked about the three dealership tips: well-defined processes in service, parts and sales; a plan for growth;… Read more »

10 Ways Dealership Data Management Software Can Improve Your Company

Planning should be based on facts, not guesswork. Knowing how to properly take stock of important data can unlock future opportunities, establish clear goals, and help make decisions. We’ve put together this list of 10 ways dealership data management software can help you evaluate the assets, people, and data that make up your company and,… Read more »

Agriculture Equipment Dealer Training is Important. Here’s Why.

In a recent survey of dealership owners, employee training “again topped the list in 2018, with 71.2% of respondents viewing this area as the ‘most important’ of investment”. This figure makes a great case for why agriculture equipment dealer training is so important. 

Avoid These Common Part Sales Mistakes

Not every sales transaction can be award-winning, but there are ways to make the most out of this critical in-person interaction with your guests. In addition to executing top-notch customer service practices, your counter team can increase the total sales volume and profit with the right tools and little flexibility.

Prevent Excess Expenses with Dealer Management System Software

“While it’s clear that North American farm equipment dealers have work to do to shore up profits, much of which needs to focus on the expense side, they have improved some areas of their operation. The most noticeable is the reduction in whole goods inventories.”  – Farm-Equipment.com One of the most concerning results of a recent… Read more »

Basic Steps to Online Security

Security in technology is a topic that makes the news on a regular basis.  Whether it’s a large-scale data breach or a smaller case of identity theft, security is a common topic in our world today.  Here are a few easy steps you can take to prevent others from accessing your information. 

Tips for Driving Growth in the Agriculture Equipment Industry

The coming year is predicted to be a successful one for businesses in the agriculture equipment industry. Capitalize on this forward momentum by keeping up to date on the latest news, tools, and best practices. Here are some actionable tips and advice on how to get the most out of 2019.   Study Agriculture Equipment Industry Trends   A recent… Read more »

4 Attainable Business Resolutions for Dealer Principals to Make

We all make New Year resolutions in our personal lives, do leaders need to make resolutions for their professional life? Being a leader should not necessarily entail resolutions, but rather establishing goals. Resolutions are typically lists loaded with specifics that quickly fall off the radar. This year, consider creating plans filled with concepts that will… Read more »

10 Tips for a Healthy Year with ASPEN Dealership Management Software

Garry Bartecki, financial advisor to the equipment industry and founder of Dealer-Rental Success LLC, shared with dealers his go-to assessment checklist of assets, people and data to take the guesswork out of planning for the coming year. By keeping regular track of all the items on the list using ASPEN, running these reports will be… Read more »