7 Reasons Your Equipment Dealership Strategy Needs a Mobile Component

Chances are everyone you know owns a smartphone. Which means that all or most of your customers do too. Here’s why mobile is changing the game for the equipment dealers and how you’ll benefit from adding it to your equipment dealership strategy.

  1. Customer relationship management will always be essential to dealership success, regardless of any trend or piece of Hand holding smartphone with media icons and symbol collectiontechnology. Having a great CRM that allows full visibility for both desktop and mobile users ensures you always keep your customers in mind.
  2. A lot of customers prefer to receive text messages from businesses. A crucial new study brings to light the fact that over 50% of customers would rather text than wait on hold during a call.
  3. Purchases through mobile devices have skyrocketed in recent years. 62% of all smartphone users have researched and bought goods through their mobile devices in the 6 month time period of this mobile e-commerce study.
  4. Multi-channel communication is a trend that’s here to stay. Your customers spend time on their phones, checking emails, texts, and Twitter throughout the day. Make reach them where they already are a part of your equipment dealership strategy as soon as possible.
  5. Field workers have newfound freedom. Things like photo updates of equipment can also be added to records for both drop-off and pickup.
  6. Documents can be quickly altered or uploaded and synced to existing data in real-time. Add client contact updates, reports, and other crucial data without having to wait until they get back to the office. Your entire team stays on the same page no matter where they are.
  7. Customer portal via mobile apps make it easier for customers to view order details and invoices without relying on sales reps to get back to them. Provide quality customer service even when your team is off the clock.

No matter why you choose to use mobile as part of your equipment dealership strategy, remember to select an option that smoothly integrates with your business management solution. ASPEN offers A.I.M. Mobile Access so you can manage your business from anywhere anytime.