Does Your Dealership Management System Vendor Make the Grade?

Charter Software President/CEO Anne Salemo offers industry insights. In the last several weeks, we’ve heard from companies whose dealership management system vendor changed their pricing structure resulting in their monthly fees being doubled (in some cases more). These dealerships said their current system wasn’t “worth” that much.  It got me thinking, should it really take… Read more »

Why Dealership CRM Software is More Important Than Ever

According to business intelligence experts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a significant role in any business. More business decisions are being made based on customer data than ever before. That is why it’s important for your business to have a tool that is integrated with your business system. An integrated dealership CRM software provides dealers unique insight… Read more »

You Need a Dealer Business System that Tracks Data in Real-Time

In a world where we’ve gotten quite used to knowing about and responding to an event almost immediately as it occurs, it only makes sense to use the same approach when using a dealer business system to track and respond to information related to your business.