3 Digital Marketing Tips to Update Your Sales Process

If you’re not using digital marketing in your sales process by now you’re already behind. Roughly 90% of top performing salespeople use social selling to set goals and meet objectives. And with the seemingly endless addition of new profiles to sites like Facebook and Twitter created daily, it’s hard to imagine this trend fading away any… Read more »

Dealer CRM Software Can Save Time & Increase Sales

Sales managers have to consider two main questions when making any decision for their business. The first is how can they save time. How can sales managers find new ways to innovate the process by which they reach, communicate with, and build lifeblood relationships with customers with their dealer CRM software? 

How Will Rental Industry Trends Impact Your Agricultural Dealership?

Experts have recently predicted that dealers can expect rental industry trends that lead to larger increases in revenue across the board than previously forecasted! The American Rental Association (ARA) posits that their latest five-year review points to a high likelihood of the rental industry continuing to flourish through the year 2022. In fact, they even… Read more »

Six tips for selling while you service

Interested in learning how to make more money without changing anything how and what you service? Try selling while You service. One business owner who successfully applied this strategy in practical ways reportedly saw an increase of over $600,000 in yearly revenue. And while this example business is focused on precision Ag services, the lessons… Read more »

Stop Losing Sales to Amazon with These Dealership Marketing Tips

The Outdoor Power Equipment industry has been taken over by a formidable opponent: Amazon. The all-encompassing online marketplace has earned an estimated $2 billion in U.S. sales, causing even loyal, long term clients to consider switching over. To make matters worse, their stake in the lawn and garden market doesn’t seem to be slowing down… Read more »

Increase Your Sales with ASPEN’s Dealer Management Solution

One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make is neglecting to use the data that a dealer management solution can have readily available to them. It’s such a large issue that research companies report 74% of marketers and business owners have no idea how their efforts are impacting their sales. Having that data can help… Read more »

The Importance of Benchmarking for Dealers

Business owners are rapidly catching on to the fact that data is the key to success in today’s rental market. The process of assessing past, present, and future positioning requires facts specific to your unique history. Without this information, effective decision-making is close to impossible. Determining achievable goals then relies on benchmarking for dealers.

Do You Have the Dealer Management Tools You Need to Stay Competitive?

Having the right dealer management tools in place can help you stay competitive in this ever-changing market. When dealing with new regulations that highly impact business operations (such as lease terms, maintenance provisions, and the frequency of required audits), acquiring or improving your business management system becomes paramount to success. Dealerships should use these tools… Read more »

Want to Grow Your Business? You Need a Cash Flow Management Strategy.

In their new book, Budgeting for Profit and Cash, frequent Rental Show speakers Steve Abercrombie and Barbara Nuss, CPA write, “Many growing and profitable rental businesses have failed because there wasn’t enough cash to pay the bills”. Are you the exception? Luckily for us, Abercrombie and Nuss have provided some suggestions for managing growth that… Read more »