Why Dealership CRM Software is More Important Than Ever

According to business intelligence experts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a significant role in any business. More business decisions are being made based on customer data than ever before. That is why it’s important for your business to have a tool that is integrated with your business system. An integrated dealership CRM software provides dealers unique insight… Read more »

CRM and the Savvy Service Manager

A Service Manager’s role includes much more than just mechanical knowledge. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) skills, the ability to up-sell, and the effective use of technology are additional—and critical—components to a successful service manager’s qualifications.

You Need a Dealer Business System that Tracks Data in Real-Time

In a world where we’ve gotten quite used to knowing about and responding to an event almost immediately as it occurs, it only makes sense to use the same approach when using a dealer business system to track and respond to information related to your business.

Your Dealership Needs a Records Retention Schedule. Here’s Why.

Many business owners wonder how long they need to retain certain documents or records. A comprehensive records retention schedule captures all the types of documents created and used by a company in the course of its business and indicates how long these records are required to be retained. The Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association regularly publishes… Read more »